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Here at Lymefield Garden Centre in Broadbottom, we attempt to maintain a strong stock of climbing plants throughout the year. Whilst the climbers available at certain times will vary depending on the season, we always aim to have the right one for the right situation.

Whether you are looking to add to the back drop of an existing flower bed, aiming to cover an unsightly garage, shed, bricked-up window, fence or wall, or just perhaps looking to add a new dimension to your garden, there is a wide selection available. With different shapes of leaf, flower, different colours, heights and spreads and varying levels of shade, wind and frost tolerance, we will always find something suitable for your situation.


Best planted about an inch deep and with their roots in the shade, this can be achieved by putting pebbles or planting round the root system. This helps prevent clematis ‘wilt’. This is where the plant appears to shrivel up and ‘die’, but by cutting the ‘dead’ branches as far as possible the plant will re-emerge. Hybrid varieties are more prone, the quick growing Montana’s and Alpine varieties are least likely to be affected. Clematis needs some form of support and are ideal plants for trellis. There are deciduous and evergreen varieties available. We have a large selection of clematis in stock. Some of our most popular varieties include:

– Clematis Armandii – Evergreen Clematis – This climber ticks many of the boxes which people look for in a climbing plant. It retains its foliage all-year round, produces flowers (around early spring), has an excellent fragrance, a reasonable overall size without getting out of control and will even tolerate partial shade. It is hardy although in the last few years we have advised keeping it sheltered where possible especially to avoid cold winds.

– Clematis W.E. Gladstone – A deciduous variety of Clematis with a terrific, large lavender-coloured flower which appears in June and can last through to September. It’s height can range from 2 to 4m when fully grown, and it prefers full sun although will tolerate partial shade.

– Clematis Ville de Lyon – Ville de Lyon is a deciduous Clematis which has a striking purple/red flower which is produced between July and September. Overall it can attain a height anywhere between 2.5 and 5 metres and will tolerate partial shade.

– Clematis The President – The President has a large blue/purple flower and can eventually reach a height between 2 and 4 metres tall. It will thrive in most situations with regards to the amount of sunlight it receives, and flowers from June to July, often coming again around September to October.

– Clematis Nelly Moser – A popular variety, Nelly Moser has pale pink flowers which are come throughout the summer starting around May time. It thrives in partial shade and can reach an eventual height of 4 metres.

– Clematis Montana – Clematis Montana is one of our best selling variants of Clematis here in Broadbottom. With many different individual varieties of Montana to choose from, the main underlying characteristics remain; they are excellent growers, covering large areas quickly and reaching heights of up to 10m. Although it can vary slightly depending on the species, they usually flower prolifically in the spring.

– Clematis Alpina – The Alpine Clematis is a variety known for its unique characteristics when compared with some of the more common forms of Clematis. It has small blue flowers which hang like bells and it’s jagged-edged leaves are also an interesting feature. It will tolerate shade, flowers early in spring and can reach a height of around 3 to 4 metres when fully grown.

Ivy (Hedera)

Ivy is often too easily dismissed when it comes to choosing a climbing plant for the garden. It is evergreen and a quick climber so will cover up any unsightly areas quickly if that is what you are looking for, and will keep them covered up too. Not only that, but it can be used for ground cover in the garden, sitting in amongst plants in beds to provide a fuller, greener overall look and maintaining cover even through the winter once deciduous plants have lost their greenery. It is a myth that it damages trees and structures, only the sheer weight of it would bring down an ailing support. Variegated forms are especially pleasing on the eye, ‘Goldheart’ and ‘Variegata’ in particular would look great in flower beds as well as climbing a wall or trellis.

Honeysuckle (Lonicera)

Honeysuckle is a very popular climber thanks to it’s many plus points. It is a prolific flowering climber, producing lots of colour and usually over a long period of time. As well as tolerating partial shade, many varieties also provide an excellent fragrance and depending on the variety can put on up to 7m of growth. Some of the varieties which we often stock include:

– Lonicera Tellmaniana

– Lonicera Belgica

– Lonicera Periclymenum


Hydrangea Petiolaris is an excellent choice of climber for many reasons. Once established it is a vigorous climber able to cover vast areas, it has attractive glossy leaves, and produces the popular ‘lacecap’ white flowers around June. It will tolerate both sun and shade and requires little to no pruning at all.


There are two popular types of what is commonly known as Jasmine – Jasminum Officiale, and Trachelospermum Jasminoides. The latter is a favourite here in Broadbottom at Lymefield, and leaves us as quickly as it comes in during the summer period which also happens to be when this extremely popular climbing plant is in flower. With small, white, star-shaped flowers which cover the entire plant, it really is an eye catcher and ideal for most gardens which can provide it with some sunshine.

Jasminum Officiale is what is known as Common White Jasmine. It is a quick grower, and the Grandiflorum variety provides pink, fragrant flowers between July and September.

Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus)

A well known favourite for growing up the side of houses for many years, in particular due to it’s striking red colour in autumn, the Virginia Creeper is a tall, reachy climber which provides excellent coverage. The variety tricuspidata is a favourite in particular and more commonly known as Boston Ivy. The variegated variety henryana is also a great Virginia Creeper due to being one of the most colourful.

Passion Flower (Passiflora)

The Passion Flower is a striking climber when in flower, adding something truly different in appearance to any garden. The variety Caerulea is the only one which is really suitable for growing outdoors in Britain, but will still require frost protection where possible. The flowers are a mix of purple, white and blue and are produced between June and September. It has a maximum height of around 6m.

Russian Vine (Polygonum)

Also known as ‘Mile-a-minute’ due to its rapid growth (up to and beyond 15ft per year), the only real downside to this climber as a means of quick and easy coverage are that it loses its leaves in winter. Having said that, it flowers brilliantly throughout the summer and can potentially reach 12 metres in height eventually.


Around May and June it is common place to see the fantastic hanging blue flowers of Wisteria Sinensis on many a wall or adorning a trellis in a decorative country garden. Although they do require pruning and a sheltered spot, if this can be provided it really is a fantastic climber to have. They are not ideal for growing up the sides of a house and after first being transplanted can be inactive for a period of several months, but ultimately once they are going they are well worth having.


Come and see our climbing plants for yourself!

Here at Lymefield we like to maintain a consistent stock of climbing plants, and will be more than happy to help in person if you need assistance choosing the exact climber for your garden.

You can find us in Broadbottom just outside of Manchester. If you need any further help, get in touch via our Contact Page.


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