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Manure for delivery in Manchester

Using Farm Manure In The Garden

In the early months of the year, we can usually expect some of our coldest weather and there is good reason to assume that little can be done in the garden at this time however is not necessarily the case! Preparation in your garden for the upcoming growing season is vital and the use of farm manure in the garden can play a big part. Manure is a natural, organic material rich in nutrients with multiple uses throughout the garden. Its a great allrounder for boosting your garden & plants, use it for mulching, feeding plants, or as a soil improver.

Manure for Mulching

In basic terms, mulching is the method of placing manure or bark around the base of plants and shrubs, this is usually done for the winter months. By doing this you are creating a layer of natural matter which helps to improve soil structure. Mulch is very useful as it can help to retain moisture and keep the soil warmer around plants. Placing an extra layer on top of the soil, farm manure can also help to suppress weeds and adds nutrients to the soil as it rots down further.

Manure for feeding your Beds and Border

Start looking preparing your garden beds and borders for spring as early as possible, from Autumn onwards. Take any opportunity when the ground is not frozen to dig in your farm manure. If you have raised beds for growing vegetables, turn the soil over and add some fresh well-rotted manure, making sure that it is mixed in well. Manure is an economical fertilizer too – well-rotted manure is very rich in nutrients so a little goes a long way. This will provide a new wave of nutrients for the next batch of seeds and seedlings that you plant. The same applies to flower beds containing bedding plants such as Pansies and Violas adding some fresh manure will give your spring bedding a real boost.

Manure as a soil improver

Many of us have an area of the garden where the soil quality is poor. Areas that have had hedges and trees taken from them, for example, will be devoid of nutrients therefore by adding manure, will reinvigorate the soil in this situation. Similarly, areas that suffer from heavy clay will benefit from adding manure to the existing soil as it helps to break the clay down over time and subsequently improve drainage.

Manure Delivered to you

Our different types of manure, here at Lymefield, can all be delivered to you. Our locally obtained well-rotted Farm Manure is provided in bulk bags. These can be delivered by ourselves throughout the Manchester, Derbyshire, and Cheshire areas. They are an extremely cost-effective way of buying manure. Secondly, we also supply Westland Farmyard Manure rich in organic matter. Available in 50-litre bags these are light and easy to carry, ideal for areas with awkward access. All manure products in bulk bags and 50-litre bags can be delivered to your door wherever you are in the UK. Our Delivery Service transports our products to all our local postcodes including Greater Manchester, Cheshire, and Derbyshire. Plus we use a Pallet service to provide our bulk bag products nationwide deliveries.

To order manure and for further help and information just call us on 01457 764686 or order online.

Manure Manchester Horse Manure Cheshire

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Real christmas Trees for Glossop, Hyde, Manchester and beyond

For those of you who have not visited us at Christmas before, here at Lymefield in Broadbottom, Cheshire we specialize in providing high quality, fresh, Real Christmas Trees. On 25th November through to Christmas, our car park will be transformed into a tree wonderland! All our trees will be on display divided by variety and size, one of us will always be on hand to do the hard work of finding the best tree for your exact requirements.

There are 3 varieties of Christmas trees which we stock at Lymefield.

Here is a quick guide to our trees:

The Nordmann Fir variety has excellent needle retention. It often tends to have a straight top with a bushy body. The colour is a true green and the shape is what many consider to be the more ‘traditional Christmas tree shape’. We stock heights from 3 feet to 9-10 feet in this variety.

The Fraser Fir is a variety of Christmas trees that is now hugely popular and is famous for being the tree of choice for the White House in the United States! The shape is usually extremely full and compact from top to bottom. They can be more narrow, making them great for smaller homes and as well as having brilliant needle retention, they also have a true Christmas tree fragrance.

The Norway Spruce to many generations has been the true ‘traditional Christmas tree’. Despite not having great needle retention, those who have a Spruce take them home year on year. Their full, bushy shape and large branches are ideal for hanging decorations meaning that as long as you know how to look after it, they can be a great choice. We recommend leaving it outside until as late as possible, standing it in water once inside, and keeping it away from heat sources such as radiators.

At Lymefield, we also have rooted trees in pots. These trees have been grown in pots (not just uprooted from the ground and stuck in one) and so will survive beyond Christmas as long as you limit their time indoors and don’t let them get too warm! As well as potted Norway Spruce’s and Nordmann Firs, we also have potted Noble Firs.

As always we will be operating our Christmas Tree delivery service. Come and choose your Christmas Tree, stay for some lunch and a hot drink, and we will deliver your tree for you on the same day, where possible. Otherwise, you can take your tree away with you, and we will, of course, assist you to your car. We have a free local delivery service and deliver to all areas in Glossop, Hyde, Stockport & Manchester.

Whilst choosing your tree, you could also make use of our late opening times this December. Every Thursday until 7pm.

We are open 7 days a week until Christmas.

9am until 5.30pm Monday to Saturday, and 10am until 5pm on Sunday.

For any further help or information just call us on 01457 764686.

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What should I do in my garden in November?

Winter is closing in fast, the beauty of autumn colour is clear all around us and our gardens are ready to be pruned, cleared and prepared for the coming months of bad weather.

The nights are getting shorter and although it has been a mild October, it looks like November will be much colder in the mornings and late afternoon.

If you are working, this can prevent most of your mid-week gardening, but, if you can make time at the weekends there is plenty to do in the garden in November.

Here is our guide to a few jobs that can really help your garden in November:

  • If you were thinking about planting native and fruit trees, hedges, shrubs and roses this autumn now is a great time to do it. Lymefield have a great range of freshly potted ball rooted plants as well as bare rooted hedging available.

  • Pull up any faded annuals, remove any faded foliage and remove leaves from all your beds, borders and ponds, all this material can be composted.

  • If you have perennial beds, its time to go through and cut back and tidy.

  • Planting of newherbaceous stock can be done, this is also the perfect opportunity for lifting and dividing any overcrowded areas.

  • When asked, when is a good time to plant fruit trees? We always say November. This is due to us having our fresh stock available, coinciding with great planting conditions. Get in contact with us for any orders or enquiries into all the varieties we stock.

  • If you are thinking about fruit, dig over and manure any area that is to be planted later in the season.

  • If you have existing trees, go through and check to make sure ties aren't constricting any new growth and that stakes are still firm as the weather will get worse.

  • The really big job now in your garden this November is pruning. Pruning can be so specific to each variety, also the age and condition of the plant, the area is to large to go into here.BUT, get in touch or come and see us and we will get you on the path to pruning all your garden correctly.

  • Veggie growers still have plenty of labour to do, digging or forking over vacant plots and adding manure can be back-breaking, but its a must so the coming frost can break down the manure adding nutrient and quality for next year. You could sow broad beans under cloches for an early crop, stake your Brussel sprouts but other than that its time to come into the garden centre to see what else you could plant next year.

  • Apply Autumnlawn food now to give your lawn strength for winter and a great start next year. Spike the surface and brush silver sand into the surface of problem wet areas. Give your lawn its final cut for winter before the end of the month, our tip would be don't scalp it, leave a little on for the cold coming. Remember that you can still layturfnow as long as it is neither too wet nor frozen.

All in all, there’s still lots to do. If you have any questions or need any other advice and help don't hesitate to get in touch on01457 764686.

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Lymefield local turf delivery

We are turf growers too!

Whilst loading a customer’s car with some of our turf this morning we felt compelled to give an up-to-date picture of just how good it is looking at the moment!

It is probably a mixture of wet and warm weather, which combined with our timely regular mowing and feeding has resulted in the grass becoming as lush and green as ever. We grow lawn turf on our own fields here at Lymefield farm in Broadbottom. As well as being blessed with excellent soil, we also put a lot of nutrients back into the ground during preparation.

Every roll is harvested and then stacked by our own hands, so we are extremely strict on quality. The turf is sold in the garden centre which means that you can order as much or as little turf as you like. If you are a landscaper requiring hundreds of yards of turf each week, we can happily meet this demand. Equally, if you only need 1 roll for some patching that is fine too! Alongside the turf, we also sell topsoil by the tonne, or in small bags. We like to think that we have learned a thing or two about growing turf by now! So if we can offer any advice, whether you are laying a completely new lawn or just looking to improve an existing one, please feel free to give us a call. Here is a guide to laying turf which may answer any questions you have before needing to get in touch.

Delivery throughout Manchester, Cheshire, and Derbyshire

We lift all of our turf to order so that it is as fresh as possible. Simply drop by the shop or give us a call on 01457 764686 to order. If it is a small amount, you can collect this yourself, or if delivery is required we can also arrange that for you. We deliver 6 days a week Monday to Saturday but please get in touch to find out about times and deliveries to specific areas.

Laying Turf

In our opinion there can be few better times to lay turf than right now, in early September. The two biggest enemies of new turf are frozen winter conditions which make the ground solid, or scorching summer sun which will dry the turf out too quickly. Both are also horrible to have to work in. At this time of year, we have neither of these factors. The weather has cooled and there is enough rain to aid you with keeping the turf watered for the first couple of weeks after it has been laid. Equally, there is enough time for the lawn to establish its roots firmly before winter takes hold.

Written during the late summer of 2018.

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Bedding Plants Manchester

Manchester Bedding Plants Cheshire Bedding Plants

Summer Bedding Plants have arrived!

With the arrival of summer bedding plants comes an injection of colour to our gardens. It signals a time to finally get out in to the garden (if you haven't already!) and start to get those pots and borders in order for what we hope will be a much better summer than the previous one! We always aim to stock a vast array of bedding plants with the idea being to provide a combination of both colour and foliage for pots, baskets and borders. Pansies, Violas, Begonias, Marigolds and Geraniums can provide the colour, and trailing plants such as Lobelia and Ivy can provide the greenery in order to boost the appearance of your basket and trail down.

Where to Plant your Summer Bedding

Bedding plants are extremely versatile in that they can serve a purpose in almost any garden, whatever the situation. Colourful plants such as Pansies look great set in among more established shrubs and perennials in borders. Another perfect use for bedding plants is to be put in to pots. If you have potted shrubs such as a Buxus (box plant) then placing trailing plants and vibrant flowers around the outside of the pot will help to inject a flurry of summer colour.

If you have a paved area then pots of different shapes and sizes filled with bedding plants are a good idea, or even a couple of pots either side of a door or gateway will look great in the summer. Window boxes and troughs look brilliant when planted with bedding. Begonias look especially eye catching, in particular the trailing Begonias which overhang. Trailing Lobelia too will spill over and provide a shower of colour.

Of course, all of the summer bedding plants are frost tender so do keep an eye on the overnight temperature until we are definitely out of the woods. Until then, frost fleece placed over the bedding, or just moving any pots in to a more sheltered spot such as a shed, greenhouse or porch should be fine.

We are open 7 days a week and can provide free local delivery & collection in store.

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Christmas Hampers and Gift Ideas

Hamper 2015 [2]

Christmas Hampers and Gift Ideas from Lymefield Farm Shop

Our Farm Shop creates wonderful hampers throughout the entire year, however around Christmas time we really go BIG with our gift ideas!

Our hampers are an important part of our Christmas gifts as we can create hampers to suit different tastes.

If you know that someone is a fan of certain food groups such as chocolate/gin/cheese/real ales, we can create a hamper consisting of our fantastic locally produced food and drink. We can tailor the hamper to your preferred price range too.

In the Farm Shop, there is a huge selection of pre-made Christmas hampers that are ready to take away immediately. Many are created to themes such as the Chocolate Lover’s Hamper (my personal favourite, hence the honourable mention) and some are a combination of items that complement each other. Our Gift Shop area has a lovely selection of scented candles, featuring some very unique and attractive smells. There are also plenty of books, crafty items and homeware such as mugs and ornaments. You could create bespoke hampers using our Farm Shop food products combined with the Gift Shop to create the most gift possible.

Gardening Gifts and Afternoon Tea Vouchers

Perhaps you know someone who enjoys gardening or a young couple who have moved into a new home with a garden which needs some work. We have got you covered! A Lymefield Gift Voucher will enable them to choose new plants, gardening tools, terracotta pots, and much more from our Garden Centre. We also have Gift Vouchers so that your chosen recipient can enjoy Afternoon Tea in our Tea Room.

All our gifts, hampers and food orders can be delivered to your and your recipient’s door.

If you would like further information about any of the above, or you would like us to arrange a gift to be delivered to someone please contact the Farm Shop on 01457 764686 or

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The Lymefield Manual to Real Christmas Trees

Lymefield Christmas Tree Manchester

Let us paint the scene.

Christmas Trees. Real ones. Hundreds and hundreds of them. A strong, fresh scent of pine in the air and Christmas music (Mariah, obviously) is jingling away in the background. Our sheepdog Gyp is running around as usual yet still keeping everyone in line.

Christmas Trees Lymefield Broadbottom Sky

Selling real Christmas Trees under an amazing Broadbottom sky!

This is what Lymefield is like come the last weekend of November and throughout December until Christmas! Whether your tree is going back to a cosy apartment in the centre of Manchester, a lovely family home in one of our surrounding areas such as Glossop, Hyde or Marple, or even being put up in your church or school, we have a Christmas tree for any situation!

Buy a real Lymefield Christmas Tree Online

If you come to visit us here at Lymefield in Broadbottom, we will help you to choose your ideal Christmas tree. Here is a guide of what you can expect to find before you arrive:

Nordmann Fir

Christmas Tree Nordmann Manchester

 If you are looking for that 'traditional Christmas tree shape' then chances are that it's a Nordmann Fir variety that you are after. Usually more bushy around the bottom, with a nice straight top.

They retain their needles up to Christmas and beyond, and have lengthy branches with long, soft needles. This makes them great for hanging lots of things on and for those with youngsters (but not for hanging youngsters on).

Sizes which we stock range from 3ft up to 10ft (when still available).

The tree in it's living formabies nordmanniana was named after Finnish zoologist Alexander von Nordmann (1803–1866), who was the director of the Odessa Botanical Gardens.

Fraser Fir

Christmas Trees New Mills

The Fraser Fir has established itself as a favourite here in the British Isles. It is certainly the most fragrant Christmas tree and is also fantastic at retaining it's needles through the festive period. More often than not, they are dense and bushy from top to bottom. The stem on top isn't always perfect but we think that this merely adds to their charm.

The Fraser Fir is named after Scottish botanist John Fraser (1750-1811). It has been used as the official White House Christmas tree for the U.S. President more times than any other tree but more importantly, it has been the official Christmas tree of my house for a record 12 straight years.

Norway Spruce

This is as traditional as Christmas trees come. It's the Christmas Tree your parents probably had. They may not be as adept at holding on to their needles as the new kids on the block (see above), but you give them the best chance of doing so if you intend to put it up in a cool, well ventilated room such as a conservatory.

Those who do will be rewarded by a fragrant tree which is extremely bushy, has a lovely top and costs a lot less than it's competitors.

OK Lymefield, I've chosen my tree, what now?Christmas Tree Pine Cone

So you have come to see us, had some home made food and a hot chocolate in our Tea Room, and successfully chosen a Christmas tree large enough to ensure that no one gets to watch TV this Christmas.

Firstly, we will net your tree to make it more compact and easier to carry. Next, we can either take the tree to your vehicle and help you to get it in, or you can arrange to have the tree delivered. Throughout December we will be delivering every night and our Christmas Tree delivery service is completely free to locals including SK13, SK14 and SK15 postcodes. We can of course deliver to anywhere and will strive to do so for free if we can do, but just have a word with us about the technicalities if you live a bit further afield.

Lastly, erect Christmas Tree, decorate it and then send us a picture for ourFacebookpage!

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Hanging Baskets Manchester


Summer Hanging Baskets

Our glasshouse is now filled with glorious hanging baskets as well as summer bedding plants! The summer hanging baskets are perfect for adding some natural colour to the entrance of your home. They are also ideal for going out in the back garden on fence posts or next to the door. The hanging baskets are filled to the brim with a wide variety of annuals. They are filled with plants which give height and colour in the middle, and plants which trail over the edge.


Further in to the season after a bit of growth, this helps to provide a huge, full display of both colour and foliage. As well as the mixed summer hanging baskets we also have a selection of other hanging baskets and pots; we have Surfinia Hanging Pots which are a mass of colour, Fuchsia Hanging Pots, smaller mixed pots and Begonia Hanging Pots.

Looking after your hanging basket is easy. The basket will require watering at least every other day during dry periods. In order to really get the best out of the hanging baskets, many people choose to feed them. A multi-purpose feed such as Growmore or Miracle-Gro will do the job perfectly. These will help to improve both foliage and flowers.

Over the years we have provided individual baskets to customers as well as tens of summer hanging baskets to borough councils and associations throughout the Manchester, Cheshire and Derbyshire areas. We always seem to receive great feedback though wherever they go!

We are open 7 days a week and can provide local delivery.

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Logs Delivery Manchester

Buy Seasoned Logs for delivery in our Online Store!

With the winter season (and snow!) upon us, we have ensured that we are well stocked up on winter essentials. Coal, Kindling, and Rock Salt can all be found in abundance down here at Lymefield. Alongside these, we also have our popular seasoned logs – hardwood logs. Our Hardwood Logs are Kiln Dried which ensures they have minimal water content, around 15%. This enables the firewood to burn longer and hotter than logs dried outside.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs

We stock seasoned hardwood logs in small bags, bulk bags & crates (large and small). The small bags are perfect to go alongside a bag of coal or kindling and can be collected from the shop. Our bulk bags & crates of logs will ensure that you have a well-stocked log store, enough to keep the fire going through the winter months! We can deliver these to your door with our own fleet of trucks. Each is equipped with a Hiab lifting arm which enables us to try and get your logs as close to where you need them as possible.

Delivery of Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Our Hardwood logs can be delivered to your door throughout Greater Manchester. All of our winter materials can be found here down at Lymefield in Broadbottom but we can also happily deliver to your home. To order or to find out anything more that you would like to know just give us a call on 01457 764686 or visit our Online Store!

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Your Garden In Early Spring

Your garden in early spring

It’s March, and your garden should be starting to show signs of life. Whether it is Snowdrops and Crocus, or your Sedums shooting, it’s time to start thinking about jobs for the coming season and what projects need starting to get your garden growing. If you’re thinking about your veg plot, what to do with your lawn or your next step in the greenhouse here’s a few tips and pointers to jobs that will get you started.

What to do in your garden in early spring

General maintenance such as firming in any newly planted trees and bushes and tying back any branches on trained trees needs to be done now. Lawn Turf is now available and laying a new lawn or just patching an existing lawn should not be a problem as long as the weather permits. Mowing will not be necessary for a few weeks yet, so spend your time scarifying and spiking your lawn. This will improve drainage and the overall quality later in the season. 

If you want to make more of your snowdrops, dig them up and divide them. You can also divide perennials in your borders to help them thrive and increase your planting numbers. This is also a perfect time to buy and plant perennials to create stunning flower shows throughout the season. I start to prune roses and give them a feed. Scatter the rose feed on the surface then work it into the soil. You can start to feed the perennials in your borders now also.

What to do in your garden in early spring for vegetable growers

Vegetable growers will be getting busy this month and weather permitting you could sow: Broad Beans, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbages, Carrots, Cauliflowers, Leeks, Lettuces, Onions, Parsnips, Peas, Radishes, Spinach, and Turnips outdoors. This does depend on the variety and weather, so choose suitable varieties and use cloches or keep them indoors for a few weeks.

Other things to plant are Rhubarb and Onion/Shallot Sets; just make sure the soil is prepared well before planting. If you have a cold frame, I like to sow herbs to use in planters and window boxes for cooking and storage throughout the year. Pests such as slugs and birds will start to think about your veg soon too so look to net areas where you will grow Brassicas and get your slug pellets and traps at the ready.  

Are you thinking of planting fruit this year? If so, now is the time to do it. For a full list of what we stock, information on pollination and a general guide to our fruit, visit our detailed fruit page. For people with existing fruit, it is a good time to mulch with well rotted manure or garden. Also, mulch and prune raspberry canes.

What to do in your garden in early spring for your greenhouse

In the greenhouse, you can pinch out the tips of Fuchsias as they start to grow, and sow any half-hardy and tender annuals in heated areas. If you have Dahlia tubers, get them going with some heat and Begonia tubers might need potting up. If you grow veg in the greenhouse, you can sow Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Melons, Aubergines, Peppers, Celery and Celeriac now. If you have cuttings in the greenhouse pot up any that have rooted. Lastly, remember to water and ventilate carefully as the weather changes and your plants need change.

Once again a few things for you all to be getting on with, we hope this is helpful and gets you started. For any more information or help on anything don't hesitate to get in touch via thecontact page.