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Is it too late to lay Lawn Turf?

One of our fields oflawn turf in Charlesworth, currently being prepared for next year's lawn turf. It's starting to get that winter feel again already after what has been an extremely dry summer. The nights are starting to draw in and there is a chill in the wind and yet at this time of year, there is so much which can be done in the garden!

A question which we are being frequently asked in store at the moment is 'Is it too late to sow grass seed?' or 'Is it too late to lay lawn turf?'.

Well at this moment in time, the answer is no it isn't too late. We are nearing the end of November now, but as long as there isn't a hard ground frost, the current conditions can really play in to the hands of those looking to lay a new lawn.

The lawn turfhere in Cheshire is as green as ever, so once lifted and delivered to your door, it is as healthy and as fresh as possible. The first two weeks are obviously key to the turf's establishment but with any severe cold weather and frosts (hopefully) at least a month or so away, any turf laid now would benefit from the wet weather and days which are still reasonably warm and be suitably rooted before the harsh weather arrives.

This will also save you the hassle of having to water it quite as regularly! Once down, the lawn turf will have time over the winter to bed in further and take root ready for it's first summer season next year, when you can be ready to start refining it in to that perfect bowling green, or preparing it for the demands of being the kids new back garden football pitch! Free Local Delivery ofLymefield Turf.

A key point to remember is that you can't really water freshly laidlawn turf enough. It is better to play it safe and water it often (even if there has been rainfall), than risk it drying out at all. If this happens, patches of the grass can die, but also the rolls can shrink as a whole, resulting in gaps between each piece which has been laid. As soon as we deliver yourLymefield Turf and its laid get watering! 

It is also not too late to sow seed, again as long as it is in good time before severe frost. Remember to sow the seed in a good quality top soil, and make sure that it receives enough water to get it germinated before the cold arrives.Turf,Top Soil, Grass Seed all delivered to your door! 

As always we are here to answer any garden queries, lawn related or otherwise. Drop in to see us (and have a look at thefinest turf in Manchester!) or give us a call on01457 764686