Real Christmas Trees

Here at Lymefield Garden Centre in Broadbottom, Cheshire, we specialise in providing high quality, fresh, REAL Christmas Trees. All trees are on display, divided by variety and size.  One of us will always be on hand to do the hard work of finding the best tree for your exact requirements. 

All our trees this year have been handpicked by David and Robert from a farm in Wales. Our cut trees are grown from seeds sent from Georgia, they are sown in Kent, UK before being transplanted to the hillsides of the Welsh Borders. To encourage full growth and less pesticides, the Welsh farmer has introduced Shropshire sheep to the tree fields to reduce weeds as these sheep don't eat trees! They are cut as late as possible in late November before being transported to use via lorry. View their arrival here!

Limited stock online of Christmas Trees for delivery!

If you cant find the right type or size call the Garden Centre directly on 01457 764686 and talk to our Lymefield Elves about your tree.

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