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Summer Bedding Plants have arrived!

With the arrival of summer bedding plants comes an injection of colour to our gardens. It signals a time to finally get out in to the garden (if you haven't already!) and start to get those pots and borders in order for what we hope will be a much better summer than the previous one! We always aim to stock a vast array of bedding plants with the idea being to provide a combination of both colour and foliage for pots, baskets and borders. Pansies, Violas, Begonias, Marigolds and Geraniums can provide the colour, and trailing plants such as Lobelia and Ivy can provide the greenery in order to boost the appearance of your basket and trail down.

Where to Plant your Summer Bedding

Bedding plants are extremely versatile in that they can serve a purpose in almost any garden, whatever the situation. Colourful plants such as Pansies look great set in among more established shrubs and perennials in borders. Another perfect use for bedding plants is to be put in to pots. If you have potted shrubs such as a Buxus (box plant) then placing trailing plants and vibrant flowers around the outside of the pot will help to inject a flurry of summer colour.

If you have a paved area then pots of different shapes and sizes filled with bedding plants are a good idea, or even a couple of pots either side of a door or gateway will look great in the summer. Window boxes and troughs look brilliant when planted with bedding. Begonias look especially eye catching, in particular the trailing Begonias which overhang. Trailing Lobelia too will spill over and provide a shower of colour.

Of course, all of the summer bedding plants are frost tender so do keep an eye on the overnight temperature until we are definitely out of the woods. Until then, frost fleece placed over the bedding, or just moving any pots in to a more sheltered spot such as a shed, greenhouse or porch should be fine.

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