Manure for delivery in Manchester

Using Farm Manure In The Garden

In the early months of the year we can usually expect some of our coldest weather and there is good reason to assume that little can be done in the garden at this time however is not necessarily the case!

Preparation in your garden for the upcoming growing season is vital and the use of horse manure in the garden can play a big part. Manure is a natural, organic material with multiple uses.

It is an economical fertilizer too - well rotted manure is very rich in nutrients so a little goes a long way.

Manure for Mulching

In basic terms, mulching is the method of placing manure or bark around the base of plants and shrubs. This is usually done for the winter months. In doing this you are creating a layer of natural matter which helps to improve soil structure.

Mulch is very useful as it can help to retain moisture and keep the soil warmer around plants. It also helps to suppress weeds and adds nutrients to the soil as it rots down further.

Manure For Beds and Border

We should be looking to prepare our beds for spring as early as possible from Autumn onwards. Take any opportunity when the ground is not frozen to dig in your manure.

If you have raised beds for growing vegetables, turn the soil over and add some fresh well rotted manure. Make sure that it is mixed in well. This will provide a new wave of nutrients for the next batch of seeds and seedlings that you plant. The same applies for flower beds which usually contain bedding plants such as Pansies and Violas. Adding some fresh manure will give your spring bedding a real boost.

Many of us have an area of the garden where the soil quality is poor. Areas which have had hedges and trees taken from them for example will be devoid of nutrients. Adding manure will reinvigorate the soil in this situation.

Similarly, areas which suffer from heavy clay will benefit from adding manure to the existing soil as it helps to break the clay down over time and subsequently improve drainage.

Manure Delivered

Here at Lymefield we stock three types of manure. One is our locally obtained well rotted Horse Manure which we provide in bulk bags. These can be delivered by ourselves throughout the Manchester, Derbyshire and Cheshire areas. They are an extremely cost effective way of buying manure.

Secondly we also supply J. Arthur Bowers Organic Farmyard Manure which contains a blend of well rotted mushroom compost. These come in smaller 50 litre bags which are light and easy to carry. Ideal for areas with awkward access.

Lastly we provided bulk ton bags of Mushroom Manure sourced in Lancashire from mushroom farms. These can be delivered to your home throughout Manchester, Cheshire and Derbyshire areas.

To order manure and for further help and information just call us on 01457 764686 or visit our Garden Centre section.

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