Welcome to our new website! Our updated website is mobile-friendly, contains up-to-date information about the Garden Centre, Farm Shop and Tea Room, and, for the first time in Lymefield history, allows us to supply gardening and Landscaping supplies as well as fresh organic meat and produce nationwide. Whilst we iron out all the kinks, we can’t currently ship our larger, heavier items outside of the Manchester area, but we’re proud to say you can now enjoy an ever-growing range of our expertly-prepared joints and steaks, as well as a huge range of our fine cheeses, delivered straight to your door! It couldn’t be easier to enjoy a little taste of Lymefield!

We’ll be aiming to keep the website updated with all of our new plants, making it nice and easy to see whether your favourites are in stock. Please do give us a call if there’s anything you can’t find, though – we’d love to hear from you, and we’ll always try to see if we can get something in for you.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out update after update, trying to make sure that all of your favourite treats from the Farm Shop and Tea Room are available to buy online, but if you’d like to order anything that you know that we have in stock, do give us a ring, and we’ll still be able to deliver it, even if it isn’t on the website just yet.

We’ve tried our best to ensure that the new website is intuitive and easy to use, so we’d love your feedback to ensure that the Lymefield website is the best that it can be. If you have any comments or suggestions, please do get in touch by email (info@lymefield.com), or drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy shopping!