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Blue Cheese Box

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Artisan cheeses delivered to your door for free by Lymefield - just in time for a fancy night in!

Peakland Blue 175g - A creamier blue than a Stilton, Peakland Blue is a new cheese perfect for pairing with other strong flavours. Why not try drizzling in honey and using as an accompaniment to figs? Also pairs well with red wine.

Colston Bassett Stilton 175g - A rich, creamy Stilton with distinctive blue veining throughout. A smooth and creamy texture is paired with a mellow flavour and a less sharp, acidic taste from the veining than might be expected. Made by the smallest and most prestigious Stilton producer in the country!

Harrogate Blue 175g - A mellow, creamy blue cheese with a slight peppery bite. Golden and delicate.

Mountain Gorgonzola 175g - This cheese takes its name from its town of origin, a small town just south of Milan. Not as sharp as Roquefort or Stilton, it possesses a musky aroma and a sweet but spicy tang.

Lancashire Blue 175g - A smooth, creamy blue cheese with only a hint of the classic blue cheese sharpness.

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Our Cheese Boxes are perfect for house parties, fancy nights in, or just for making sure that you always have a selection of superb cheeses to look forward to after work. Try our other Cheese Boxes - White Cheese Box and Mixed Cheese Box.

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