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Food Delivery to your Door!

Food Delivered to your Door!

Lymefield Farm Shop can create food boxes from our locally sourced products covering basic needs to meal deals. These boxes contain everything you need and can now be delivered to your door!

Whether its a pizza box, a cheese & biscuit box, or a boozy box, Lymefield have you covered with their range of food. All of our food can be collected from the Farm Shop when ordered online but now this food can be delivered home to you. Minimum spend for delivery: £25.

Postcode for your Lymefield Delivery

Depending on your postcode, order your box and your Lymefield food will be delivered to your door.

Order online or email and our team will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the date/day of delivery.

Our team is out delivering Wednesday & Thursday within the local area. Each local postcode will have deliveries on a specific day as detailed below. Other postcodes will be accommodated when contacting the food delivery team direct at

Now it’s time to work out which food box to have!

Delivery days

Day Postcode
Wednesday  SK13, SK14 (e.g Broadbottom, Glossop & Hollingworth)
 SK14, SK15, SK16, SK6 (e.g. Mottram, Godley, Staybridge, Romiley & Marple)
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Working at Lymefield Garden Centre

faded picture of the front entrance to Lymefield Garden Centre with the words Working at Lymefield over the top of the image.

Join the Lymefield team!

Click our ‘Join our team at Lymefield’ page on the footer for current vacancies.


Lymefield Garden Centre is made up of four distinct areas of work, Garden Centre, Farm Shop, Tea Room & Landscaping. Each of these departments is customer-facing & requires the key skill of teamwork. We call ourselves the Lymefield team as many areas of our jobs overlap making working together essential. Throughout the year, our Garden Centre is a hive of activity beyond the sales through the till. We host many events for ourselves & for our local charities. These include a Santa’s Grotto, a Pumpkin Patch, Coffee Mornings, Pop-up Stall, Food Tastings & we are always adding more. Teamwork is essential for these events to work as our team is small but very productive. 

Teamwork is vital to ensure that the customer has the very best experience when they visit Lymefield. Working together to solve problems & delivery the very best service every time has always been at the front of the Lymefield Garden Centre ethos.

Continuous Learning

An expectation at Lymefield is that each member of staff will take on training & learning throughout their role, this may involve gaining qualifications, keeping updated with current legislation or teaching our newest staff members & apprentices. Be ensuring that everyone is continuously learning we can expand roles, host different events, & give our customers to best experience whenever they visit Lymefield.

Caring for the Environment

One of the things that staff regularly mention is the beautiful environment in which our place of work is set. Lymefield Garden Centre is placed in the river Etherow Valley with trees, woods & fields surrounding us on all sides.
Coming down into Lymefield from the village of Broadbottom, the sky opens out for our buildings & car park. There are often sheep in the fields for you to admire, buzzards can be spotted flying high in the sky as they hunt for prey & during the summer, there are plenty of migrating birds including swallows & swifts.
To add to the animal spotting, you will also meet our resident dog, Jyp. She is the family dog, living & playing in Lymefield Garden Centre. She is a friendly dog as she always wants to play ball, occasionally asking for strokes & cuddles but mainly it’s about playing with the ball, please!

Starting a New Job

If you would like to be part of a team that values each other & their work environment, please CLICK HERE for our current vacancies. 
If you want to know more or you want to meet our team, please call in during work hours to chat & ask questions. We do value everyone who makes the special trip to find us for work at Lymefield Garden Centre. 
Follow us on our Social media links for more information on our work, services, events & job vacancies – we hope to meet you soon.

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Cheese Wedding Cakes

Cheese Wedding Cakes are a great showstopper!

Lymefield Farm Shop is delighted to provide bespoke Cheese Wedding Cakes for your wedding. Our wide range of artisan cheese means that your wedding cake will be exactly yours alone.

Tastings of your choices prior to your big day are available. Talk to our Farm Shop team to find out exactly which Cheese Wedding Cake you would love to have on your special day.

Go traditional and have cheddar, cheshire and stilton or create a Cheese Wedding Cake using our local cheese such as Hartington Bomber cheese orLancashire Blue.

Cheese comes in many different sizes, colours, taste or textures so choosing Lymefield Farm Shop will enable you to create a truely unique Cheese Wedding Cake.

Phone, email or visit Lymefield Farm Shop on 01457 764686 or to create your Cheese Wedding Cake design

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Meet the Meat!

Meet the Meat!

Our Butcher’s Counter is a meat-lover’s paradise! But where does all of our meat come from?

We source as much of our meat as possible from local farms, through a fully traceable supply chain, allowing us to prioritise the quality of the meat and support local farming communities.


Our lamb is born and reared on Lymefield Farm and the surrounding hillside using traditional stockmanship methods. We rear Texal crosses – a lean-meat breed that is popular across Europe. Depending on the time of year, we sell spring lamb, yearling lamb and – rarely – hogget. We rear in tune with the local climate, so our spring lamb is usually ready from June.


Our pork is sourced from the same farm. Depending on the weather, the pigs are reared both outside and inside, providing ample space to explore. When inside, they are bedded on deep straw and have access to the entire barn.


None of our animals travel longer than 16 miles (just 30 minutes) to slaughter and are taken in small batches to keep stress to a minimum. We use a small-scale, family-run abattoir in Buxton, ensuring higher standards of welfare, clear traceability, and lower food miles.

close up of the turf growning at Lymefield
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Lymefield Farm Shop Order

Lymefield Farm Shop Food Delivery includes our Veg & Fruit boxes.

Lymefield Farm Shop Order form is currently not available, we are reviewing the way it is constructed & the products available via this method. We will relaunch the form in Spring 2024.


At Lymefield, we have many requests about offering a new way to shop from our Farm Shop so we have created the order form.

Click here to find a long list of our Farm Shop products including fresh vegetables, cupboard essentials, and our specialty food boxes.

Complete your form and upload it here on our website, paying a £10 deposit.

You can collect your order from the safety of your car, in-store, or arrange a delivery home.

Our Farm Shop team will pick the very best from our full range of produce to ensure your basket is filled with delicious food. 

Browse the full list on the website and pick everything you need for your cupboards to be filled with the best food.  

NB: Prices will fluctuate & the final price on the printed order form may alter when the Farm Shop takes full payment. All orders rely on £10 deposit only.

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Fresh Fruit and Veg Delivery

Fresh Fruit and Veg Delivery

Lymefield Farm Shop has always prided itself on the quality of its fresh produce, with farm-fresh fruit and veg that capture the flavour and feel of where they come from.

We’ve served you up shelf after shelf of the season’s best produce in our cosy corner of Broadbottom since 2016. Starting in 2018, Lymefield offers fresh fruit and veg delivery to Glossop, Manchester, Hyde and beyond!

Our fresh fruit, veg and salad boxes are the perfect size to feed anywhere between two to six hungry mouths for a week. As we’re a small farm shop, we assemble all of our veg boxes by hand, prioritising quality and freshness – we promise you’ll never get a soggy spud or a clammy courgette!

We always try to source as much of our fruit and veg from British suppliers as possible, besides the occasional exotic treat (like delicious super-sweet figs) that really needs more sun than we can offer them in the UK. And if something is in season (think British strawberries, asparagus, and more!), we’ll always try to make sure you get to enjoy it at its best in your box.
Why Order Fresh Fruit and Veg?

Using our fresh fruit and veg delivery offers you a convenient way of creating tasty & healthy meals with all of the hard work taken care of. We will ensure that you receive the freshest seasonal produce right to your door ready to be made into delicious meals. All of our fruit & vegetables are locally sourced with the exception of the gorgeous treats as mentioned above and are delivered by our fully trained staff. Another benefit of using our fresh fruit and veg delivery service is that you can leave us a note in the comments when you order and request different items. As your local farm shop, we want you to enjoy your food and reduce waste.

Lymefield is your local farm shop, however, we offer so much more. With our wide selection, reasonable prices and beautiful surroundings we are the local shop that Broadbottom deserves. If you are a little unsure about having your fresh fruit and veg delivery sent, pop in and visit our garden centre where our friendly team would love to see you in the tea room.
How to Order Fresh Fruit and Veg Online

Fruit and Veg Delivery
Choose your favourite fresh fruit and vegetable for delivery
  1. Choose your favourite fruit, veg or salad box from our great selection and click the big green “Add to Cart” button
  2. At the Checkout, let us know what day you’d like us to deliver your box. Love spuds but hate courgettes? Let us know in the same box, and we’ll do our best to make sure your box is perfect for the whole family.
  3. We’ll assemble your fresh fruit and veg box on the day.
  4. We’ll deliver your box on your chosen day in our fridge-on-wheels van!
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Why Buy Meat Online?

Buy Meat Online

Buying meat online is the perfect way to ensure that you always have tasty cuts of locally sourced beef, pork, lamb and chicken available at the click of a button. Here are some of the best reasons to shop online with Lymefield:

It’s Local

Here at Lymefield, we’ve been at the heart of local food and farming for four generations, evolving from a small dairy farm popular with locals to a bustling Garden Centre,Tea Room,Farm Shop,Deli, andButchers. We source our meat as possible from local farms, through a fully traceable supply chain, allowing us to prioritise the quality of the meat and support local farming communities. OurPork andBeef come from a local farm in Chisworth, less than a mile up the road, and ourLamb and Mutton come from our own flock on Lymefield farm!

It’s Easy

We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to try traditionally-reared meat from local farms. Whilst visiting Lymefield can be a lovely day out, sometimes it’s nice to have a “nothing day” and kick back and relax at home. So for pyjama days, legendary lie-ins, last-minute workathons and Manchester monsoon season (every day of the year), why not order meat online? It’s as simple as picking out all of your favourite cuts and joints from theButcher’s Counter and picking a date for Dodging the crowds at the supermarket has never been easier, and it’s never made more sense. Shopping with Lymefield cuts out the middleman. Every last sausage, steak, roasting joint and burger is prepared in ourFarm Shop butchery to the exacting standards of a real craft butcher – no supermarket “Meat Counter” nonsense. We even deliver all local orders ourselves!

It’s Personal

Need your leg of lamb boned and butterflied for the perfect Sunday lunch? You can expect exactly the same care and consideration from our butchers as you would when visiting. Whether you want it trimmed, tied, boned and rolled or diced, our online Butcher’s Counter has a huge range of cuts to choose from. And we can always do our best to accommodate special requests or dietary requirements – just leave your request in the comment box at the checkout when you buy meat online. Or give us a call on 01457 764 686 and speak to your butcher directly!

It’s Affordable

You might expect that personal service and locally-sourced, traditionally-reared meat from small-scale, family-run farms would cost a good deal more than the supermarkets, but it doesn’t!

We offer a far greater range of cuts than supermarkets do, allowing you to choose more economical alternatives that are full of flavour.

Why not try a Rump Steak rather than a Sirloin? Rump Steak is already bursting with flavour, and a Lymefield Rump Steak proves the point! It is still an economical cut, but trimmed and taken from the tender centre of the rump cut.

Alternatively, why not save (on time as well as money!) with one of our Everyday Boxes? OurProtein Box is perfect for freezing and provides a range of versatile mince, steaks and fillets that are great for eating lean.