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Food Boxes for Delivery to your Door!

Food Delivered to your Door!

Lymefield Farm Shop have created food boxes from our locally sourced products covering basic need to meal deals. These food boxes contain everything you need and can now be delivered to your door!

Whether its a pizza box, a cheese & biscuit box, or a boozy box, Lymefield have you covered with their range of food boxes. All of our food boxes can be collected from the Farm Shop when ordered online but now these food boxes can be delivered home to you. Minimum spend for delivery: £25.

Postcode for your Lymefield Delivery

Depending on your postcode, order your box and your Lymefield food will be delivered to your door.

Order online or email and our team will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the date/day of delivery.

Our team is out delivering Wednesday & Thursday within the local area. Each local postcode will have deliveries on a specific day as detailed below. Other postcodes will be accommodated when contacting the food delivery team direct at

Now it’s time to work out which food box to have!

Delivery days

Day Postcode
Wednesday  SK13, SK14 (e.g Broadbottom, Glossop & Hollingworth)
Thursday  SK14, SK15, SK16, SK6 (e.g. Mottram, Godley, Staybridge, Romiley & Marple)
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Meet the Meat!

Meet the Meat! Our Butcher’s Counter is a meat-lover’s paradise! But where does all of our meat come from? We source as much of our meat as possible from local farms, through a fully traceable supply chain, allowing us to prioritise the quality of the meat and support local farming communities. Lamb

Our lamb is born and reared on Lymefield Farm and the surrounding hillside using traditional stockmanship methods. We rear Texal crosses – a lean-meat breed that is popular across Europe. Depending on the time of year, we sell spring lamb, yearling lamb and – rarely – hogget. We rear in tune with the local climate, so our spring lamb is usually ready from June.

Beef Our cattle come from a small-scale, local farm in Chisworth, less than a mile up the road! The farmer exclusively rears Beef Shorthorn, an English beef cattle breed developed from the original Shorthorn around 1820. They are reared traditionally, and graze freely in the local pasture, up to 1,150 feet above sea level. Pork   Our pork is sourced from the same farm. Dependent upon the weather, the pigs are reared both outside and inside, providing ample space to explore. When inside, they are bedded on deep straw and have access to the entire barn. Slaughter None of our animals travel longer than 16 miles (just 30 minutes) to slaughter and are taken in small batches to keep stress to a minimum. We use a small-scale, family-run abattoir in Buxton, ensuring higher standards of welfare, clear traceability, and lower food miles.
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Frozen Ready Meals from Lymefield

Lymefield Farm Shop proudly present our new range of frozen ready meals! 

Created by our Lymefield Tea Room chefs using the freshest ingredients from our Farm Shop, our range covers all the familiy favourites plus a lot more. Order via email or phone for collection or delivery. 

Email: with your order and collection/delivery date. Orders for delivery need a minimum of £25 & will incur a £4 charge for local postcodes. Phone: 01475 764686 and speak to a member of the Farm Shop team. Or want to see more, visit our Farm Shop open at your leisure its open every day.

All our ready meals are found on the Farm Shop Order form too!

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Lymefield Farm Shop Order

Find your FARM SHOP ORDER here!!!!

At Lymefield, we are offering a new way to shop at our Farm Shop so we have created the FARM SHOP ORDER!

Click here to find a long list of our Farm Shop products including fresh vegetables, cupboard essentials, and our specialty food boxes.

Complete your form and upload it here on our website, paying a £10 deposit.

You can collect your order from the safety of your car, in-store, or arrange a delivery home.

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Take Away at Lymefield

Lymefield Farm Shop offers a takeaway menu 7 days a week!

All our products are made using our fabulous Farm Shop ingredients and are available until 4pm daily.

You can choose from Lymefield dishes (yes, this includes our legendary Cheese & Onion Pie), hot and cold sandwiches, hot pies & sausage rolls, breakfast barms & full traditional Lymefield breakfast, cakes & bakes and drinks. OUr Lymefield dishes change daily and are created in the kitchen of our Tea Room by our chefs.

Create as you wait or pre-order

All our takeaway purchases are made fresh to order.  Come into the Farm Shop to make your order or phone us in advance on 01457 764686.

Takeaways served all day for breakfast, brunch & lunch

From a full Traditional Lymefield Breakfast to one of our Tea Room specials, you can now come and ‘take’ a little bit of Lymefield ‘away’ with you!

Our breakfast menu is served all day, every day, and is full of our Lymefield sausages, eggs & bacon. Create your sandwiches with your choice of local food and meats.

Lymefield cakes & bakes

Our Lymefield kitchen freshly prepares cakes & bakes for you to takeaway. These include our slabs of chocolate cake, hot sausage rolls, pork pies, and currently our Lymefield Christmas cake.

Hot drinks to Takeaway

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cold drinks are available using our preferred brands of Peak Bean & Tea Pigs.

Allergies & intolerances at Farm Shop

All allergies & intolerances are catered for at Farm Shop.

Please inform our staff of your preferences and allergies when ordering and we will ensure that your choices are created using the highest food standard & we will ensure you are notified of any allergy ingredients in our products. It is important to state that our Lymefield products are produced in our kitchen where all 14 allergens are present & therefore may contain traces of nuts or allergens.

list of takeaway items including traditional lymefield breakfast, ckes & drinks.