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Manure for delivery in Manchester

Using Farm Manure In The Garden

In the early months of the year, we can usually expect some of our coldest weather and there is good reason to assume that little can be done in the garden at this time however is not necessarily the case! Preparation in your garden for the upcoming growing season is vital and the use of farm manure in the garden can play a big part. Manure is a natural, organic material rich in nutrients with multiple uses throughout the garden. Its a great allrounder for boosting your garden & plants, use it for mulching, feeding plants, or as a soil improver.

Manure for Mulching

In basic terms, mulching is the method of placing manure or bark around the base of plants and shrubs, this is usually done for the winter months. By doing this you are creating a layer of natural matter which helps to improve soil structure. Mulch is very useful as it can help to retain moisture and keep the soil warmer around plants. Placing an extra layer on top of the soil, farm manure can also help to suppress weeds and adds nutrients to the soil as it rots down further.

Manure for feeding your Beds and Border

Start looking preparing your garden beds and borders for spring as early as possible, from Autumn onwards. Take any opportunity when the ground is not frozen to dig in your farm manure. If you have raised beds for growing vegetables, turn the soil over and add some fresh well-rotted manure, making sure that it is mixed in well. Manure is an economical fertilizer too – well-rotted manure is very rich in nutrients so a little goes a long way. This will provide a new wave of nutrients for the next batch of seeds and seedlings that you plant. The same applies to flower beds containing bedding plants such as Pansies and Violas adding some fresh manure will give your spring bedding a real boost.

Manure as a soil improver

Many of us have an area of the garden where the soil quality is poor. Areas that have had hedges and trees taken from them, for example, will be devoid of nutrients therefore by adding manure, will reinvigorate the soil in this situation. Similarly, areas that suffer from heavy clay will benefit from adding manure to the existing soil as it helps to break the clay down over time and subsequently improve drainage.

Manure Delivered to you

Our different types of manure, here at Lymefield, can all be delivered to you. Our locally obtained well-rotted Farm Manure is provided in bulk bags. These can be delivered by ourselves throughout the Manchester, Derbyshire, and Cheshire areas. They are an extremely cost-effective way of buying manure. Secondly, we also supply Westland Farmyard Manure rich in organic matter. Available in 50-litre bags these are light and easy to carry, ideal for areas with awkward access. All manure products in bulk bags and 50-litre bags can be delivered to your door wherever you are in the UK. Our Delivery Service transports our products to all our local postcodes including Greater Manchester, Cheshire, and Derbyshire. Plus we use a Pallet service to provide our bulk bag products nationwide deliveries.

To order manure and for further help and information just call us on 01457 764686 or order online.


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Bulk Bags Delivered to your Door – Local & Nationwide!

Bulk Bags Delivered to your Door!

Lymefield Garden Centre can deliver bulk bags of Topsoil, Paving, Decorative Gravels, Building Aggregates, Bark, Manure, Kiln Dried Logs & Lymefield Turf locally and nationwide.

We cover all postcodes with our Local and National Delivery Service for all our bulk bag products. Delivery costs vary depending on Postcodes.


The Lymefield team provides a local delivery service Monday – Saturday.

  • Our deliveries are fulfilled by using HGV trucks with a HiAb crane.
  • Local delivery available when total order is over £35.
  • Our team will use a HiAb crane to manoeuver your goods as close as possible to your desired position.
  • Covering Glossop, Tameside, Oldham, Stockport, Manchester, Trafford, and Buxton – our local delivery service covers lots of postcodes to these areas.
  • Obstructions can cause delays and where the site is completely inaccessible, delivery of these bulk items will not be possible.
  • Delivery is not possible on Saturday afternoon or Sundays.
  • If you have specific delivery requirements, please provide them in the Comments Box at Checkout. Alternatively, you can contact us on 01457 764686 or

Nationwide Delivery

Our bulk bag products can also be delivered by nationwide Monday – Friday. Contact our team if you require a delivery outside the Greater Manchester/Derbyshire area.

  • Our deliveries will be fulfilled by a courier service.
  • All nationwide orders must be over £35 to qualify for the courier service.
  • The courier service will deliver to your kerbside. The driver will be able to move the pallet to a safe location using a pallet truck but will be unable to move the goods over uneven terrain (e.g. gravel or grass) or up a substantial slope.
  • Delivery is not possible on Saturdays or Sundays.
  • If you have specific delivery instructions, please use the Comment Box at Checkout. Alternatively, you can contact us on 01457 764686 or

Postcodes for Nationwide Delivery

 Delivery cost per bulk bagPostcodes
2£43.88 B, BB, BD, BL, BS, CB, CH, CV, CW, DE, DN, DY, GL, HD, HG, HP, HX, L, LE, LS, LU, MK, NG, NN, PR, S, ST, SY(1-6), TF, WA, WF, WN, WR, WS, WV
3£54.15 E, EC, N, NW, SE, W, WC
3a£55.89 SW
4£51.70 DA, EN, HA, IG, RM, SL, TW, UB, WD
5£47.80 AL, CM, CO, DH, FY, HR, HU, IP, LN, ME, NE, NP, NR, OX, PE, PO(1-29, 42+), RG, SG, SN, SP, SR, SS, TS
5a£49.55 RH
6£56.68 BA, BH, BR, CF, CR, CT, DL, KT, LA, SM, TA, TN(8-16), YO
7£61.60 BN,CA, DG, DT, EH, EX, FK, G, GU, KA(1-26,29,30), KY, LD, LL, ML, PL, SA, SY(7+), TD, TN (1-7,17+), TQ, TR
8£96.00 BT
9£83.32 DD, PH(1-4, 14)
11£83.63 AB(10-25,30, 39), PH (5-13, 15,18)
12£83.63 AB(26-29, 31-38, 40+), IV (12,13,30-32,36)
13£89.98 IV(1-11, 14-29, 33-35, 63), KW(1-14), PH(19-40, 49-50)
15£113.75 PO(30-41) ISLE OF WIGHT
16£158.15 IM (ISLE OF MAN)
17£145.46 KA27
18£149.26 IV(40-56), KA28, PA(20,41-80), PH(41-44)
19£164.48 GY(1-8), JE
20£192.38 HS, KW(15-17), ZE
21£265.93 GY(9-10) ALDERNEY & SARK
22£107.42 PA(34-38)
23£102.65 PA(21-33
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Topsoil – delivered to your door

A closeup of our topsoil


What is Topsoil?

It is the fertile upper layer of soil, usually 2 to 8 inches (5.1cm to 20cm) in depth. The natural formation of topsoil is a very slow process; it takes around 100 years to form one inch. Topsoil is formed by the weathering of rocks plus the addition of organic matter from decaying plants, animals, mosses, etc. Decaying plant matter enriches the soil, adding the nutrients and minerals essential to support plant life.

Types of Topsoil

That’s enough of the science –topsoil is basically what all your garden plants grow in, and therefore it is very important to have top-quality soil to see the best results. When you’re looking to buy soil there are a few questions to answer: Where to buy soil? How much do I need? Do I need it delivered? And what type of soil do I need?

We sell three types;

1) Border Soil Premium 

  • A bulk bag of nutrient-rich border soil.
  • A blend of Topsoil and compost.
  • Based on our Grade-One Loam Topsoil, it contains well-rotted mushroom compost with excellent nutritional properties.
  • Perfect for vegetable beds, flower beds, borders, hedging, fruit trees, and more.
  • No aspect of this type is reclaimed; it is pure 100% topsoil.

2) Loam Top Soil (also called Turfing Soil) 

  • It is the ideal soil to put down in preparation for a new lawn.
  • A Grade-One loam-based soil with an extremely fine texture.
  • No aspect of this topsoil is reclaimed: it is completely free of any rubbish.

3) Standard Top Soil

  • Our Standard soil is perfect for adding height to sloping borders and raised beds.
  • When used as a sub-soil is perfect for improving drainage in island beds and large planters.

Delivery from Lymefield

At Lymefield, we stock this soil in loose loads and bulk bags for jobs that need more than a tonne as well as 35 litre bags for your smaller jobs.

At Lymefield Garden Centre, we have a comprehensive delivery service available from Monday to Saturday locally. We deliver widely, to local areas within Cheshire, Derbyshire, and Greater Manchester.

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Lymefield local turf delivery

We are turf growers too!

Whilst loading a customer’s car with some of our turf this morning we felt compelled to give an up-to-date picture of just how good it is looking at the moment!

It is probably a mixture of wet and warm weather, which combined with our timely regular mowing and feeding has resulted in the grass becoming as lush and green as ever. We grow lawn turf on our own fields at Lymefield in Broadbottom. As well as being blessed with excellent soil, we also put a lot of nutrients back into the ground during preparation.

Every roll is harvested and then stacked by our own hands, so we are extremely strict on quality. The turf is sold in the garden centre which means that you can order as much or as little turf as you like. If you are a landscaper requiring hundreds of yards of turf each week, we can happily meet this demand. Equally, if you only need 1 roll for some patching that is fine too!

Alongside the turf, we also sell topsoil by the tonne, or in small bags. We like to think that we have learned a thing or two about growing turf by now! So if we can offer any advice, whether you are laying a completely new lawn or just looking to improve an existing one, please feel free to give us a call. Here is a guide to laying turf which may answer any questions you have before needing to get in touch.

Delivery throughout Manchester, Cheshire, and Derbyshire

We lift all of our turf to order so that it is as fresh as possible. Simply drop by the shop or give us a call on 01457 764686 to order. If it is a small amount, you can collect this yourself, or if delivery is required we can also arrange that for you. We deliver 6 days a week Monday to Saturday but please get in touch to find out about times and deliveries to specific areas.

Laying Turf

In our opinion, there can be few better times to lay turf than in early September. The two biggest enemies of new turf are frozen winter conditions which make the ground solid, or scorching summer sun which will dry the turf out too quickly. Both are also horrible to have to work in. At this time of year, we have neither of these factors. The weather has cooled and there is enough rain to aid you with keeping the turf watered for the first couple of weeks after it has been laid. Equally, by laying turf in early autumn, there is enough time for the lawn to establish its roots before winter takes hold.

Written during the late summer of 2018. Revised in March 2024.