Everyone – Spring Bulbs are here!

Spring bulbs bring seasonal appeal to any garden.

After long depressing winters, splashes of strong colour popping up around your garden can be that lift that inspires you back into life. A little work now choosing the right plants is how to achieve that spring kick.
Here is our guide (with a few tips) to what’s best in spring bulbs at Lymefield for you to buy now.
When buying your bulbs at the garden centre, try and buy as early as possible; this gives you the pick of the vast selection available. Buying early will also allow you to choose the biggest bulbs which will produce the most flowers and you can avoid buying bulbs that have already started to sprout.
Bulbs are generally quite trouble free, but always choose the right bulb for the right spot. Most bulbs need well drained soil as they are prone to rot if they sit in wet, poorly drained soil.
If you think this is the case, improving the planting area first is a good idea to avoid disappointment. To do this, introduce well rotted organic matter (manure) and/or grit.
The right planting depth is very important with your bulbs; the common mistake is to plant them too shallow. As a general rule, plant bulbs so they are buried three times their own depth. This may seem deep, but if you have ever dug out daffodil bulbs that are 4 or 5 years old they are below a spades depth.
Whatever bulb you choose, the result of colour in your garden after a cold bleak winter always brings a smile – happy planting!

Bulbs are now in the Garden Centre – ready for planting for your spring garden!