Everyday Boxes

Frazzled mums and dads, foodies, first-time chefs and seasoned hosts: we have a surprise for you.

Introducing the Lymefield Everyday Box range

Quality meat and veg, artisan cheese, coffee and kitchen staples, taken from the best of artisan producers, local farms and markets and delivered to your door for free!

Whether you want to eat lean, adventurously or in good company, one of the biggest obstacles is having everything to hand when you need it.

We know how frustrating it is to come home from a long shift to find nothing in the fridge. We know how hard it is to persuade yourself to get back in the car and eat in to what's left of your evening. Corners are cut, compromises made, and before you know it, you're sitting down to a defrosted pizza rather than the beef curry your promised yourself.

Commit to a shopping-free evening with the click of a button

For 80 years and four generations, we've known where to get the best of local and regional produce. Let us do the hard work for you. Whether you're looking for next week's veg, cheese for a fancy night in with friends or a last minute gift, we've got you covered. And as long as you order by Thursday, we'll deliver to your door on Thursday for free.

Simple. Tasty. Cheap.