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A smorgasbord of local produce from Derbyshire, the Peak District and the East Riding of Yorkshire, delivered to your door for free on Fridays.

When it comes to taste, quirkiness and lower food miles, "local" rules the roost. All of the produce in this box comes from smaller-scale, local businesses who have a passion for their craft. By supporting them, you reduce the journey from field to fork, and get a real taste for what the north of England is all about!

Brock and Morten Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil - Nourished by the mineral-rich spring water of the White Peak and germinated in early autumn as a break crop to avoid the bitter winters of the Peak District, the crop is cold pressed on the farm in Ashton-on-the-Water in the Peak District by the Brocklehurst family. Perfect for roasting, stir-frying, baking and dressings.

Cartwright & Butler Dark Chocolate Gingers - Smooth dark chocolate and warming, sweet ginger combine with a butter biscuit base to provide a taste of what baking is all about. And the Arnett family should know, with five generations of experience as bakers in the East Riding of Yorkshire!

Peak Bean Bleaklow Blend Coffee - A fusion of Papua New Guinean and Peruvian coffee beans, ethically sourced from cooperatives that pay a fair price to the farmer. Peak Bean began its roots in a small cafe in Hayfield. They now produce batch-roasted coffee beans and ground coffee in Furness Vale, High Peak.

The Sheffield Honey Co. Peak District Pure Blossom Honey - A Sheffield-based award-winning artisan producer of local English honey and beeswax products.

Lymefield Chutney & Jam - Made to old family recipes in our Tea Room. Absolutely no artificial preservatives - just quality ingredients.

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