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Lean Protein Gift Box

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Whether you want your waist to shrink or your biceps to grow, you can't go wrong with meat as a protein source.

Do away with soggy steaks and mince marinading in its own juices in shrink-wrapped packaging, and commit to better cuts from a local butcher.

We source as much of our meat as possible from local farms, through a fully traceable supply chain, allowing us to prioritise the quality of the meat and support local farming communities. Our pork and beef come from a local farm in Chisworth, less than a mile up the road, and our chicken and turkey are sourced from the Peak District.

Your gift will include:

4 x 200g Turkey Breast Steaks
4 x 200g Chicken Fillets
2 x 400g Lean Beef Mince
4 x Pork Loin Eye Steaks

All of our cuts are hand-prepared by our butchers, and are packed specially for your order.

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