Fresh Fruit and Veg Delivery

Fresh Fruit and Veg Delivery

Lymefield Farm Shop has always prided itself on the quality of its fresh produce, with farm-fresh fruit and veg that capture the flavour and feel of where they come from.

We’ve served you up shelf after shelf of the season’s best produce in our cosy corner of Broadbottom since 2016. Starting in 2018, Lymefield offers fresh fruit and veg delivery to Glossop, Manchester, Hyde and beyond!

Our fresh fruit, veg and salad boxes are the perfect size to feed anywhere between two to six hungry mouths for a week. As we’re a small farm shop, we assemble all of our veg boxes by hand, prioritising quality and freshness – we promise you’ll never get a soggy spud or a clammy courgette!

We always try to source as much of our fruit and veg from British suppliers as possible, besides the occasional exotic treat (like delicious super-sweet figs) that really needs more sun than we can offer them in the UK. And if something is in season (think British strawberries, asparagus, and more!), we’ll always try to make sure you get to enjoy it at its best in your box.
Why Order Fresh Fruit and Veg?

Using our fresh fruit and veg delivery offers you a convenient way of creating tasty & healthy meals with all of the hard work taken care of. We will ensure that you receive the freshest seasonal produce right to your door ready to be made into delicious meals. All of our fruit & vegetables are locally sourced with the exception of the gorgeous treats as mentioned above and are delivered by our fully trained staff. Another benefit of using our fresh fruit and veg delivery service is that you can leave us a note in the comments when you order and request different items. As your local farm shop, we want you to enjoy your food and reduce waste.

Lymefield is your local farm shop, however, we offer so much more. With our wide selection, reasonable prices and beautiful surroundings we are the local shop that Broadbottom deserves. If you are a little unsure about having your fresh fruit and veg delivery sent, pop in and visit our garden centre where our friendly team would love to see you in the tea room.
How to Order Fresh Fruit and Veg Online

Fruit and Veg Delivery
Choose your favourite fresh fruit and vegetable for delivery
  1. Choose your favourite fruit, veg or salad box from our great selection and click the big green “Add to Cart” button
  2. At the Checkout, let us know what day you’d like us to deliver your box. Love spuds but hate courgettes? Let us know in the same box, and we’ll do our best to make sure your box is perfect for the whole family.
  3. We’ll assemble your fresh fruit and veg box on the day.
  4. We’ll deliver your box on your chosen day in our fridge-on-wheels van!