How to lay turf

Here at Lymefield, we have grown our own turf for over 12 years, and as such have become keen experts on the practice of developing and maintaining a tidy lawn.

We now grow turf on 5 different sites all within a half mile radius of our Garden Centre here in Broadbottom, most here at Lymefield itself, and have a constant demand which sees us venturing out every night of the week in order to lift turf fresh for the following morning's orders and deliveries.

Right on the county border of Cheshire and Derbyshire, we find ourselves in a unique position as turf growers.

It is around this time of year that we become busier and busier with willing customers looking to lay that perfect lawn so here we'll provide a few handy tips on getting it right the first time:

– Firstly, it is important to remember that preparation is probably the most important part of getting your lawn off to a good start.

You need to be laying your newly cut turf on to good quality top soil (which we can also supply). – The area needs to be well compacted – if there's an area of top soil that is loose or soft, your turf will follow suit once it is on top of it.

– Once a firm level area has been attained, the surface of the top soil would benefit from being raked through, so as to leave it fine and without any large clumps. – Have a box of Bone Meal handy, and before laying each roll apply a light dusting on the area about to be covered. This will aid root development and thus allow the turf to take hold quicker. – Once turf laying commences, have a flat plank of wood handy in order to help compact and firm the turf down.

– Overlap edges and use a sharp knife to cut away the excess.

– Once the turf is fully laid, be sure to water it. Unless it is raining severely for a number of days, newly-laid turf needs to be watered around twice daily for at least 2 weeks. This is until it knits in, roots itself down, and can become self-sufficient, although remember that in drier seasons, grass will still need watering.

We are cutting ourLymefield turf now, please visit ourTurf page for further information and happy turfing!

Here is our Turf Harvester hard at work!