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Fruit Box - Large

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A family-sized selection of fresh fruit delivered to your door for free on Fridays - a full week's shop at the click of a button!

Keen to eat clean? Our Large Fruit Box contains everything you need to add some crunch to your lunch.

Our portions and preferences will vary but a fruit fanatic might munch their way through this in a weekend! We think our Large Fruit Box contains more than enough fruit for a large family (four to six people) throughout the week.

Please note: All fruit and veg images are representative of quantities in your chosen box size. The contents will vary with the season, but we will always make sure that you make a saving! If you have any specific requests for your box (such as swapping an item you don't like for one that you do), just call us on 01457 764 686 and ask for the Farm Shop - a member of staff will help you pick out the perfect box!

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