Logs Delivery Manchester

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With the winter season (and snow!) upon us, we have ensured that we are well stocked up on winter essentials. Coal, Kindling, and Rock Salt can all be found in abundance down here at Lymefield. Alongside these, we also have our popular seasoned logs – hardwood logs. Our Hardwood Logs are Kiln Dried which ensures they have minimal water content, around 15%. This enables the firewood to burn longer and hotter than logs dried outside.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs

We stock seasoned hardwood logs in small bags, bulk bags & crates (large and small). The small bags are perfect to go alongside a bag of coal or kindling and can be collected from the shop. Our bulk bags & crates of logs will ensure that you have a well-stocked log store, enough to keep the fire going through the winter months! We can deliver these to your door with our own fleet of trucks. Each is equipped with a Hiab lifting arm which enables us to try and get your logs as close to where you need them as possible.

Delivery of Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Our Hardwood logs can be delivered to your door throughout Greater Manchester. All of our winter materials can be found here down at Lymefield in Broadbottom but we can also happily deliver to your home. To order or to find out anything more that you would like to know just give us a call on 01457 764686 or visit our Online Store!