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Artisan cheeses delivered to your door for free on Thursdays - just in time for a fancy night in!

Godminster Cheddar 200g - Mature and deliciously creamy. Covered in a distinctive burgundy wax. Lacks the acidity sometimes associated with a mature cheddar, possessing a rounder, more balanced flavour and a smoother texture.

Rosary Goats' Cheese Log 200g - A creamy, fresh goats' cheese with a lemony, mildly acidic flavour and a mousse-like texture. A versatile vegetarian cheese.

Taleggio 200g - A cheese with a gentle, fruity tang and mild flavour, possessing a thin crust with a strong aroma! Melting well, it is a popular addition to risotto and polenta.

Smoked Northumberland 200g - A balanced cheese with a gentle flavour, cold-smoked over wood chippings for 24 hours. An authentic smoky taste, with absolutely no artificial flavourings.

Blue Monday 200g - A strong and complex blue, with a very distinctive, peppery but slightly sweet bite. An 'Alex James Presents...' cheese, selected by the rockstar turned cheese producer for its character and interest.

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Our Cheese Boxes are perfect for house parties, fancy nights in, or just for making sure that you always have a selection of posh cheeses to look forward to after work.

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