Pictures of Tom Wood

When visiting Lymefield Garden Centre over the next few weeks, you can hear and see the transformation of Tom Wood.

Lymefield Garden Centre is situated at the bottom of the valley below Broadbottom and bordered by the Etherow River. The Etherow forms the border between Cheshire and Derbyshire. On the Derbyshire side of the river, there is the Woodland Trust owned Tom Wood which provides our wonderful views across the valley from our Tea Room.

Tom Wood is a beautiful old woodland full of oak, ash, birch and sycamore plus a variety of wild flowers. It is on steep cliffs running down from the village of Charlesworth, Derbyshire and makes an interesting and sometimes muddy walk. 

Right now, there is forestry work happening within the wood, with the removal of trees and branches to prevent damage to the electricity pylons that go through the wood. This work has now given our eyes access to the depth and complexity of the wood.

Access to the wood is slightly tricky as it is NOT on any road or have any car park which it makes even more of a delight when you finally get into the wood. Learn more about the Woodland Trust and Tom Wood by clicking on thislink.