Hydrangea Colours

Hydrangea is a beautiful plant that has enormous blooms with multiple flowers in blue, pink, purple, red, and white.

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Hydrangea are deciduous or evergreen shrubs or climbers with enormous colourful full flowers through summer flowers born in cones or clusters. These flowers tend to turn brown and remain on the plant throughout winter as additional winter interest (and also offer frost protection for new buds).

As hydrangea can tolerate some shade, these white flowers can stand out with an almost ghostly elegance at the back of a slightly shady border. Prefers slightly acid, well-drained soil, but is not particularly fussy.

Suitable for sun or shade and will grow well in containers and in the ground.

There are three ranges of Hydrangeas available:

a) Hydrangea paniculara Purple, Blue, Red, White Lime, White/Pink: flowering from early summer through to autumn. Fine in sun and shade.

b) Hydrangea macrophylla Purple, Pink, Blue: provides a mass of colour in mid to late summer. Good in sun and shade.

c) Hydrangea paniculata vanilla: a particularly richy flowering hydrangea variety with large clusters of creamy white flowers that gradually change through the season to pink, before developing to a dark red in autumn. Fine in sun partial sun.

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