John Innes No. 2 – Potting On Compost - 35ltr

John Innes is traditional soil-based compost formulations that are specially designed to improve performance at every stage of a plant’s life cycle!



John Innes No. 2 is a potting compost, with a nutrient profile matched to hungry houseplants and vegetables that have outgrown their previous homes and need potting on! In 35 litre bags.

It contains screened loam as the core ingredient and nutrient reservoir, sphagnum moss for aeration and water-retention, grit sand for drainage, lime to improve the pH balance for most plants, and a compound fertiliser to feed your plants.

It’s a complete package!

Quantity Price
1-2 £5.99
3+ £5.00

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Weight 25.00000000 kg


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