John Innes No. 3 – Mature Plant Compost

John Innes is traditional soil-based compost formulations that are specially designed to improve performance at every stage of a plant’s life cycle!


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Composts & Manure are vital to improving the condition of your soil resulting in amazing plants & trees.

Order your bulk bags of compost & topsoil from Lymefield and enjoy our safe collection at Lymefield or choose our delivery service as we bring it to your door.

Our Composts, Top soil, and Manure will enhance your plants' life and health, bringing nutrients directly into the soil. Read our blog on Manure to find out how to use manure in your garden.

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Lymefield Garden Centre is open every day of the week. Our shelves are fully stocked with all items for your garden to make the very best of your soil & our climate. Browse online & make your order for collection in-store or we will deliver your order to your door.

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John Innes No. 3 is a mature plant compost, with a nutrient profile matched to hefty patio plants and full-grown tomato bushes and cordons! It contains screened loam as the core ingredient and nutrient reservoir, sphagnum moss for aeration and water-retention, grit sand for drainage, lime to improve the pH balance for most plants, and a compound fertiliser to feed your plants. It’s a complete package!






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