Plum Tree ‘Victoria’

Plum Tree ‘Victoria’ is the quintessential British plum variety.


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The Plum Tree ‘Victoria’  is arguably the heaviest-cropping European plum variety, bearing many delicious plums that are perfect for eating or cooking down to a puree. It flowers mid-season and is reliably self-fertile. This, combined with the fact that it demonstrates good frost resistance in its blossoms, means that you can be assured of a good crop year after year. Does best trained as a smaller tree rather than a full standard, as the sheer weight of its heavy crops can cause its branches to snap!

Plum trees, like cherry trees, are excellent all-rounders. They are tolerant of fan-training (but too vigorous to be espaliered), produce wonderfully showy flowers in spring that are popular with pollinators (making them a very wildlife-friendly choice), and of course are prolific fruiters!

Care: Plum trees produce their best crop in any well-drained soil when they are given full sun and a sheltered position to protect them from strong winds.

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