Top Soil – 30ltr

This top soil is nutrient rich to benefit all your plants.


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Composts & Manure are vital to improving the condition of your soil resulting in amazing plants & trees.

Order your bulk bags of compost & topsoil from Lymefield and enjoy our safe collection at Lymefield or choose our delivery service as we bring it to your door.

Our Composts, Top soil, and Manure will enhance your plants' life and health, bringing nutrients directly into the soil. Read our blog on Manure to find out how to use manure in your garden.

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Lymefield Garden Centre is open every day of the week. Our shelves are fully stocked with all items for your garden to make the very best of your soil & our climate. Browse online & make your order for collection in-store or we will deliver your order to your door.

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Lymefield Garden Centre proudly provides landscaping and building supplies to the public, trade, local council and businesses to the region of Greater Manchester & beyond. For almost a decade, we have grown our own Lawn Turf on Lymefield Farm, within easy view of the Garden Centre, allowing you to be sure of the quality and origin of your turf.

We supply Grade One Top Soil, a range of Decorative Gravels, Indian Stone Paving, Wooden Sleepers, Decorative Bark, Building Aggregates, and more. The partnering of our Landscape and Garden Centre departments also means that you can get all of the hard landscaping materials and plants that you need for your project in one place!

Our delivery service transports to local and nationwide postcodes. Click here for more details.

Trade Accounts are available please contact the Garden Centre directly on 01457 764686.

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Top Soil is a vital part of your garden ensuring your plants and wildlife thrive.

Choose Lymefield, you can be assured that we have the highest quality of nutrients in all our types of soil. Perfect for vegetable beds, flower beds, borders, hedging, fruit trees, and more.

Whether it's for your whole garden or just a small project we can deliver it all. Our team can deliver bulk bags of your chosen soil direct to your door. Smaller 35litre bags are perfect for smaller areas to take home for your garden.

Planning big changes to your garden, we can supply it using our truck to the location required. Landscaping gardeners need it in bulk, we can help you too.

Discover below to find out more about the different types of soil on sale at Lymefield. Read our blog to find out more.

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Top Soil is the vital part of your garden ensuring your plants and wildlife thrive.

Choosing your top soil all depends on what you want it to do for your garden and how much top soil you need. If it’s for the whole garden, Lymefield bulk bags are available for delivery or there are smaller 35 litre bags to take home from the garden centre for smaller areas. To create the perfect lawn turf, choose our Turfing Top Soil for superb preparation for your grass.

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Top soil made from screened and sterilised loam blended with organic matter. Ideal for filling in new lawns, borders and raised beds. Mixed with peat and grit, it can also be used as an ingredient for your own potting composts!

In 30 litre bags.

Order now for delivery to your door.

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