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Lymefield Farm Shop Order

Find your FARM SHOP ORDER here!!!!

At Lymefield, we are offering a new way to shop at our Farm Shop so we have created the FARM SHOP ORDER!

Click here to find a long list of our Farm Shop products including fresh vegetables, cupboard essentials, and our specialty food boxes.

Complete your form and upload it here on our website, paying a £10 deposit.

You can collect your order from the safety of your car, in-store, or arrange a delivery home.


Our Farm Shop team will pick the very best from our full range of produce to ensure your basket is filled with delicious food. 

Browse the full list on the website and pick everything you need for your cupboards are filled with the best food.  

NB: prices will fluctuate & the final price on the printed order form may alter when the Farm Shop take full payment.

All orders rely on £10 deposit only.