The Lymefield Manual to Real Christmas Trees

Lymefield Christmas Tree Manchester

Let us paint the scene.

Christmas Trees. Real ones. Hundreds and hundreds of them. A strong, fresh scent of pine in the air and Christmas music (Mariah, obviously) is jingling away in the background. Our sheepdog Gyp is running around as usual yet still keeping everyone in line.

Christmas Trees Lymefield Broadbottom Sky

Selling real Christmas Trees under an amazing Broadbottom sky!

This is what Lymefield is like come the last weekend of November and throughout December until Christmas! Whether your tree is going back to a cosy apartment in the centre of Manchester, a lovely family home in one of our surrounding areas such as Glossop, Hyde or Marple, or even being put up in your church or school, we have a Christmas tree for any situation!

Buy a real Lymefield Christmas Tree Online

If you come to visit us here at Lymefield in Broadbottom, we will help you to choose your ideal Christmas tree. Here is a guide of what you can expect to find before you arrive:

Nordmann Fir

Christmas Tree Nordmann Manchester

 If you are looking for that 'traditional Christmas tree shape' then chances are that it's a Nordmann Fir variety that you are after. Usually more bushy around the bottom, with a nice straight top.

They retain their needles up to Christmas and beyond, and have lengthy branches with long, soft needles. This makes them great for hanging lots of things on and for those with youngsters (but not for hanging youngsters on).

Sizes which we stock range from 3ft up to 10ft (when still available).

The tree in it's living formabies nordmanniana was named after Finnish zoologist Alexander von Nordmann (1803–1866), who was the director of the Odessa Botanical Gardens.

Fraser Fir

Christmas Trees New Mills

The Fraser Fir has established itself as a favourite here in the British Isles. It is certainly the most fragrant Christmas tree and is also fantastic at retaining it's needles through the festive period. More often than not, they are dense and bushy from top to bottom. The stem on top isn't always perfect but we think that this merely adds to their charm.

The Fraser Fir is named after Scottish botanist John Fraser (1750-1811). It has been used as the official White House Christmas tree for the U.S. President more times than any other tree but more importantly, it has been the official Christmas tree of my house for a record 12 straight years.

Norway Spruce

This is as traditional as Christmas trees come. It's the Christmas Tree your parents probably had. They may not be as adept at holding on to their needles as the new kids on the block (see above), but you give them the best chance of doing so if you intend to put it up in a cool, well ventilated room such as a conservatory.

Those who do will be rewarded by a fragrant tree which is extremely bushy, has a lovely top and costs a lot less than it's competitors.

OK Lymefield, I've chosen my tree, what now?Christmas Tree Pine Cone

So you have come to see us, had some home made food and a hot chocolate in our Tea Room, and successfully chosen a Christmas tree large enough to ensure that no one gets to watch TV this Christmas.

Firstly, we will net your tree to make it more compact and easier to carry. Next, we can either take the tree to your vehicle and help you to get it in, or you can arrange to have the tree delivered. Throughout December we will be delivering every night and our Christmas Tree delivery service is completely free to locals including SK13, SK14 and SK15 postcodes. We can of course deliver to anywhere and will strive to do so for free if we can do, but just have a word with us about the technicalities if you live a bit further afield.

Lastly, erect Christmas Tree, decorate it and then send us a picture for ourFacebookpage!