Topsoil – delivered to your door

What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the fertile upper layer of soil, usually 2 to 8 inches (5.1cm to 20cm) in depth. The natural formation of topsoil is a very slow process; it takes around 100 years to form one inch. Topsoil is formed by the weathering of rocks plus the addition of organic matter from decaying plants, animals, mosses, etc. Decaying plant matter enriches the soil, adding the nutrients and minerals essential to support plant life.

Types of Topsoil

That’s enough of the science –topsoil is basically what all your garden plants grow in, and therefore it is very important to have top quality soil in order to see the best results. When you’re looking to buy soil there are a few questions to answer: Where to buy soil? How much is topsoil? Do I need topsoil delivery? And what type of soil do I need?

We sell three types of topsoil;

Border Soil 

  • A bulk bag of nutrient-rich border soil.

  • A blend of Topsoil and compost.

  • Based on our Grade-One Loam Topsoil. Contains well-rotted mushroom compost with excellent nutritional properties.

  • Perfect for vegetable beds, flower beds, borders, hedging, fruit trees, and more.

  • No aspect of the topsoil is reclaimed; it is pure 100% topsoil.

Loam Top Soil (also called Turfing Soil) 

  • Turfing Topsoil is the ideal soil to put down in preparation for a new lawn.

  • It is the perfect solution.

  • A Grade-One loam-based soil with an extremely fine texture.

  • No aspect of this topsoil is reclaimed: it is completely free of any rubbish.

 and Reclaimed Top Soil

  • Our Reclaimed soil is perfect for adding height to sloping borders and raised beds.

  • When used as a sub-soil is perfect for improving drainage in island beds and large planters.

  • It is unsuitable for use as a growing medium – for a complete growing medium, consider using our Border Soil.

Topsoil for delivery

At Lymefield, we stock topsoil in loose loads and bulk bags for jobs that need more than a tonne as well as 20-litre bags for your smaller jobs. Click

Lymefield Garden Centre provides Local Delivery plus we have a courier Nationwide Delivery is available.

At Lymefield Garden Centre, we have a comprehensive delivery service available from Monday to Saturday locally and Monday to Friday nationwide delivery. We deliver widely, to local areas within Cheshire, Derbyshire, and Manchester, and out to Scotland, Wales, and into the heart of London.

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