Lymefield to Charlesworth Walk

Walking around the area from Lymefield Garden Centre to Charlesworth and back again!

Lymefield Garden Centre, Farm Shop & Tea Room love providing our customers with fresh local food & plants for your home & garden! Now you can find ways to explore our surrounding areas with our walks from Lymefield.

Taking a walk around the Lymefield area is something that can be rewarding all year round. In the local woodland, you may be lucky enough to spot wildlife including an elusive deer population, a great bird population and plenty of British flora and trees.

Another perfect walk for all the family, including prams on a dry day, is the circular walk up to Charlesworth village and back again. Take pavements, trail paths and woodland trails, you can even take bikes, scooters and prams on this interesting walk.

Start at Lymefield Garden Centre, and turn left out of the gate across the front of Lymefield Terrace. Enter the Broad Mills Heritage area, (worth an explore for little ones) and follow the path past the duck pond, up to the right and round to the left past the remains of the big dyes works and fern garden. (Please explore the fern garden with care as these plants are delicate).

You will find yourself next to the river for 200 metres, the fast-flowing River Etherow, eventually joins the Mersey and empties into the Irish Sea. Climb the few steps up past the old mill works, through the kissing gate and over the narrow bridge. This bridge is perfect for a game of Pooh Sticks!

Follow the path up the hill through woodland and welcome to Derbyshire! The path ends next to a house where the road continues up the hill. Follow this hill up and up through the trees and onto the flat with views across to your left to Charlesworth, the Etherow Valley and onto the Peak District hills. Follow this road on, past a caravan park (on your right), turkeys in a garden (on your left), a menage (on your right), and on and up onto the main A626.

At the A626, turn left and you have reached Charlesworth Village. Follow this road past the park (great for a play), up the hill to the church on your left.

From here you can walk through the churchyard and round the school field to find yourself on Long Lane to head back down. Or simply head towards the pub (the George and Dragon) and turn left down the hill onto Long Lane.

Follow this road down and enjoy the views across to Broadbottom, Hyde and Werneth Low. Continue down the road until there is a dirt road off to the right, go along here past the trail entrance for Gamelsey Sidings. Follow the path down and turn left through the cycle gate and down the hill. Follow the purpose-built cycle/horse trail down the hill. It’s very steep as you get to the bends, and cross the Besthill pedestrian bridge. Don’t forget to look up at the railway viaduct above you!

On the other side of the bridge (back in Tameside), cross the road just after the traffic lights and take the track leading downhill with the river on the left. Not far down the track, a path leads off to the right into the Lymefield Heritage Centre area. Follow the paths past the wooden play area and up to the heritage centre (enjoy the little maze too). Head out of the car park and go down the road to Lymefield Garden Centre for a well-deserved cuppa and a slice of cake.

We hope you enjoyed your walk around the area of Lymefield. Please find more walks on our News page.

From all the team at Lymefield Garden Centre, Farm Shop and Tea Room.