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Artisan cheeses delivered to your door for free by Lymefield - just in time for a fancy night in!

Hartington Bomber 200g - Similar to a Lancashire cheese, being medium bodied and very creamy, with a distinctive tang.
Mrs. Kirkham's Lancashire 200g - Moist, rich and tangy, with a crumbly and creamy texture. A hand-made recipe using unpasteurised milk from Holstein Friesian cows.
Keen's Cheddar 200g - Firm but silky, with an earthy, full-bodied flavour and a pleasingly sharp, almost mustardy bite.
Delice des Cremiers 200g - Made with cream, double cream, and creme fraiche from Bourgogne. It is rich and velvety, with a slightly lemony tang.
Thomas Hoe Red Leicester 200g - Nutty, rich and full of flavour, with a deep, golden orange colour. The only pasteurised Red Leicester produced in the county of Leicestershire.
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Our Cheese Boxes are perfect for house parties, fancy nights in, or just for making sure that you always have a selection of posh cheeses to look forward to after work. Try our other Cheese Boxes - Blue Cheese Box and Mixed Cheese Box

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