Why Buy Meat Online?

Buy Meat Online

Buying meat online is the perfect way to ensure that you always have tasty cuts of locally sourced beef, pork, lamb and chicken available at the click of a button. Here are some of the best reasons to shop online with Lymefield:

It’s Local

Here at Lymefield, we’ve been at the heart of local food and farming for four generations, evolving from a small dairy farm popular with locals to a bustling Garden Centre,Tea Room,Farm Shop,Deli, andButchers. We source our meat as possible from local farms, through a fully traceable supply chain, allowing us to prioritise the quality of the meat and support local farming communities. OurPork andBeef come from a local farm in Chisworth, less than a mile up the road, and ourLamb and Mutton come from our own flock on Lymefield farm!

It’s Easy

We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to try traditionally-reared meat from local farms. Whilst visiting Lymefield can be a lovely day out, sometimes it’s nice to have a “nothing day” and kick back and relax at home. So for pyjama days, legendary lie-ins, last-minute workathons and Manchester monsoon season (every day of the year), why not order meat online? It’s as simple as picking out all of your favourite cuts and joints from theButcher’s Counter and picking a date for Dodging the crowds at the supermarket has never been easier, and it’s never made more sense. Shopping with Lymefield cuts out the middleman. Every last sausage, steak, roasting joint and burger is prepared in ourFarm Shop butchery to the exacting standards of a real craft butcher – no supermarket “Meat Counter” nonsense. We even deliver all local orders ourselves!

It’s Personal

Need your leg of lamb boned and butterflied for the perfect Sunday lunch? You can expect exactly the same care and consideration from our butchers as you would when visiting. Whether you want it trimmed, tied, boned and rolled or diced, our online Butcher’s Counter has a huge range of cuts to choose from. And we can always do our best to accommodate special requests or dietary requirements – just leave your request in the comment box at the checkout when you buy meat online. Or give us a call on 01457 764 686 and speak to your butcher directly!

It’s Affordable

You might expect that personal service and locally-sourced, traditionally-reared meat from small-scale, family-run farms would cost a good deal more than the supermarkets, but it doesn’t!

We offer a far greater range of cuts than supermarkets do, allowing you to choose more economical alternatives that are full of flavour.

Why not try a Rump Steak rather than a Sirloin? Rump Steak is already bursting with flavour, and a Lymefield Rump Steak proves the point! It is still an economical cut, but trimmed and taken from the tender centre of the rump cut.

Alternatively, why not save (on time as well as money!) with one of our Everyday Boxes? OurProtein Box is perfect for freezing and provides a range of versatile mince, steaks and fillets that are great for eating lean.